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A label for the Earth Thyme Product Lavender vanilla.

Target Audience

Earth Thyme’s Label and Logo was created for health conscious individuals looking for a natural and safe cleaning supplies to use in their homes.

Key Elements

The logo and label feature “Earthy” tones and colors for a natural look and feel. The main symbol of the logo is obviously a play on the name “Earth” and “Thyme” (which is pronounced like Time).

The Logo in Greater Detail

The Logo features the name of the company overlay on a sphere made up of half of the planet Earth and half of an old clock. The symbolism is to remind consumers of the name “Earth Thyme”. Colors used in the logo design feature an “Earthy” and “Natural” look. The logo is simple and catches the eyes of consumers walking by the product in the store with the off white background giving the logo a three dimensional pop to it.

Looking at the Label

Label Left Side

The left side of the label features a simple way to show case all the claims of Earth Thyme; Vegan, Non-Toxic, Zero-Waste, etc. This side also lists links to their website and Facebook page before ending in a bar code unique to each one of the 13 labels for their products.

Label Right Side

The right side lists ingredients and directions that are used for Earth Thyme as well as reminding consumers that they can bring their bottle back to be re-used and also shows a recycle symbol.

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