As a small company obviously we want to build a relationship with not only our clients but with other companies and freelance designers out there as well. This blog will hopefully act as two things. First and for most a place for us to communicate with you, who ever you are! Freelance designer, other company looking to partner on a project, or a possible client wanting to pick our brain with out letting us know you exist. Welcome to the blog and hopefully your answers will be found here. The second reason for why this blog will exist is to show case what we are doing from month to month. We are sorry if that seems a bit anticlimactic but honestly once a month is all we are going to have time for right now.

With that said this isn’t some vanity blog where we just talk about us and how great we are (although there will be some of that). We really just want to keep you up to date with what the company is doing, who we are working with, what type of projects we are taking on and so forth. At some point we plan on doing tutorials on basic issues: moving from localhost to live servers, creating staging environments, optimizing WordPress for Google, and the list goes on.

One of the ideas that we have talked a lot about are video tutorials. One of the things that we do for every client is create video tutorials that teach them how to continue updating their WordPress site. Along with some videos of that nature we have talked about doing videos that teach about color effects, how to design with a purpose, and some basics of light and shadow effects. Feel free to interact with us in the comment section below and tell us things that you would like us to talk about on this blog!