Better Barter helps businesses in the Tri-Cities to save money by bartering their goods and services.

The Better Barter team came to Eldie and asked us to redesign their website. They wanted a site that catered more towards prospective customers and explained what they do instead of a site that mostly just functioned for current members.

We created a five-page website for them that included the typical Home, About, and Contact pages but also pages that answered common questions such as “Why Barter?” and “Who Barters?”

From a content perspective, our team helped Better Barter to explain how bartering can make a huge impact on a company’s bottom line. We touted the benefits of saving money, increasing profits, and decreasing costs—but we didn’t stop there. We backed up those claims by showing examples of how real companies in the Tri-Cities used bartering to help their business.

Great visuals help to showcase the benefits mentioned in the content. Through our clean design, users can quickly see how bartering will help their business, view a list of current companies who are part of the community, and read testimonials on how Better Barter’s impact.

Additionally, we wanted prospective businesses to see clearly how Better Barter made a difference on a company’s finances. We listed the actual expenses of several companies and how they paid for them through bartering their own goods and services. Instead of spending thousands of dollars, these companies traded what they had to get what they needed.

This project was a huge success! We look forward to seeing how many more businesses will join the Better Barter community after seeing the new site and reading the great benefits Barter offers.

“Thank you for all the work that went into the website. You rock!

Stacy White, Better Barter Broker


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