In this article, we’re going to go over our top SEO Trends for this year. Let’s dive right in!

1. Website Engagement Metrics

Having good on page metrics is super important if you want to rank well with Google. One example of website engagement metrics is your bounce rating. This is defined as the percentage of people that visit your website and leave without clicking any buttons or viewing any other pages. You want to have a good bounce rating as well as returning visitors so that you show Google that you’re an authority. Bad engagement metrics will make you look like you aren’t an authority, which in turn means you will not rank well with Google. When coming up with your SEO strategy, you want to make sure that writing good content is high on your priorities list for two reasons. First, you want visitors to enjoy your content so much that they want to come back. Second, Google looks at how much time the average person spends on your website, so you want good content that people will want to stick around to read. You may also want to throw in media such as photos or videos. Your goal is to have good business metrics, so you may want to ask yourself some questions to help evaluate how well yours are. Here are a few examples: are people leaving comments on your blog, are people pressing the contact button, are people social sharing your website, are people leaving you reviews on Google? If you’re having a tough time getting your visitors to do these things, you may want to reevaluate your SEO strategy. Putting little to no thought into your business metrics will result in little to no ranking with Google.

2. Voice Search Engine Optimization

The trend for Voice Search Engine Optimization is increasing as more and more people use cell phones. People are more likely to pick up a phone and do a Google search by voice than they are to open a desktop or laptop. This means that to rank high with mobile users, you need to be writing content based around searches and keywords that mobile users are likely to use. Words like best, top, fast, #1, affordable, and the infamous near me, are all universal keywords for mobile searches. Desktop users are different than mobile users, so you have to be in the mindset of a mobile user when writing your content.


3. Are People Searching Your Business on Google?

If your business is not being searched, it shows Google that there is not much interest in it. This, in turn, will make your authority levels drop. There are ways to increase your searches, such as business cards or flyers. However, instead of putting your domain on them, tell them to Google your business or just simply put your business name real big so they’ll want to Google it. The more often you’re organically searched, the more Google will see you as an authority and the better you’ll rank. Print advertising is very helpful in this case, since you aren’t just providing a link for them to click on. Another good form of advertisement to help get more Google searches, is radio advertising. If someone wants to visit your website, they would need to search for it.

4. Social Citations and Brand Mentions

This next point of the SEO trends is very simple, yet it can be hard to achieve. Social citations and brand mentions are basically every time someone mentions your business or links to your website on social media. Everyone wants a famous person with a huge following to shout out their business, but very seldom does that happen organically. Most of the time, you will need to reach out to someone that you want to mention your business and try to work out a deal with them to where you can pay a fee for them to mention it a few times. It can be difficult to get big names to hear you out, but don’t get discouraged and keep trying.

5. Video Marketing

As more and more people turn to cellphones and internet, more and more people are watching an explainer video to learn about a product or service. Most people prefer watching a video to reading an article when learning about something. When making an explainer video, you can include ads for your business. Brand videos are becoming very influential since people are choosing to watch a video over reading. As mentioned earlier, including videos on your website will help with website engagement metrics. If video marketing isn’t something you are comfortable doing yourself, hire someone to do it for you. This is the way the marketing world is going, so it would be better to start now so you don’t get behind.

6. User Experience

User experience is more important than ever before, if users have a bad experience on your website or don’t view many pages, you will not rank well on Google. Besides just not being able to rank for SEO, bad experience will not get your business recommended to others. You need to build your website for your users and not for yourself. Start looking at the statistics for what people are looking for when going to a website, and build your website based on that. Optimize for ease so that users can navigate throughout the site. Whenever you think you’re done making changes, you’re not. Always continue to make revisions on your website to ensure user experience is the best it can be.

7. Mobile First

This topic is one of the most important of the SEO trends. We are moving towards a mostly mobile world right now, so Google is ranking mobile first. This means the structure and layout of your content on a mobile device is really going to impact your Google ranking. If you think your clients are only going to use your site on desktop, you are wrong. With everyone on the go, mobile is so much easier for most users. Your website’s mobile structure is so important, but so is the content. Content has to be easy to read and include those keywords. If you are having trouble deciding what keywords to use, Google’s Keyword Planner is excellent help! Set aside some time to work on your mobile in 2020 to help with your SEO.

 8. CTR

If you Google Web Design Johnson City, Eldie Design will show up pretty high on the first page. When Google gives you the volumes of people that type that in per month, it’s only giving you the number of people that Google that phrase, not the number of people who actually click on your website. If Johnson City Web Design is searched 4,000 a month, for example, Eldie Design isn’t getting all 4,000 clicks on our website. It’s only going to be a fraction of that. This is called your Click Through Rate. You want a high percentage, and you can get that by ranking high. You want to be in the top three on Google; the higher the better. You also want to make sure your title and URL look nice. Google doesn’t do this for you, you have to spend some time to make this happen. It can help to incorporate words like top, best, or #1; these are very appealing to users. If you’re having hard time coming up with a good title and description, Google it! You will find so many helpful tips to ensure you create a pleasing title for Google.

9. Content Length Matters

This is another topic amongst the most important of these SEO trends: the size of your content matters. Statistically, the top three pages ranking on Google have over 2,000 words of text. You cannot create pages with just. Paragraph or two and expect to compete with big businesses who hire copywriters and write thousands or words per page. If you want to be on their level, you have to increase your content. Google is going to recommend the website with the most information packaged together. You want to answer anything and everything about that specific topic all in one place to please Google. If you have a preexisting website with very little content, add to it! Minimal websites do not rank very well anymore; you need to increase the size of your content.

10. Direct Traffic

The last of the SEO trends in this article is short and to the point. You need a certain percentage of users to go directly into the URL bar and type in your website. Without direct traffic, you will not be considered an authority and it will be very difficult to rank for major competitive keywords.


In this blog, we went over 10 SEO Trends for 2020. These tips, along with you putting in the work, will help increase your opportunities to rank. Have more questions about SEO? Visit our SEO Services Page or Contact Us Today!