Sullivan County Public Library serves the Sullivan County community through their five library locations.

They received a grant that enabled them to get a new website and logo for their library. They wanted to work with the Eldie team because they liked the work we did for the Bristol Public Library library.

They asked us to modernize their brand, but also to make sure that it appealed to a broad audience since people of all ages use the library.

We took their requests and turned their logo and website into designs we are very proud of!



The team at Sullivan wanted a logo that conveyed connecting to the local community in Sullivan County.

Our design team came up with several different concepts to portray community while also making sure the logo was instantly recognizable as a library.

This new logo works on several different levels. It can be viewed as a group of readers circled together as if participating in a book club, but each icon also looks like an opening book.

The typography was chosen to resonate with a modern audience but that will be timeless as the years go on.

The colors were chosen as a muted way to express the primary color palette.

After several rounds of edits, here’s the final product:


Once we finalized the logo, we built a custom website for Sullivan. Their old website was very outdated and it was not easy for users to find the information they needed about the library.

 Our custom website provides a clean and breathable layout while also making it easy for users to navigate.

Throughout the website, the content drives home the idea of “connecting”—whether that be connecting to the stories in the books, connecting the community with resources such as wifi or genealogy information, or even just connecting with others through the events the library offers.

The design of the site uses the same color palette of the logo and has high-quality images that convey messages of community, friendship, and happiness. The easy-to-use interface helps users to find what they are looking for from book titles,local events, and the vast resources that Sullivan County provides.





We’ve received so many compliments on the site. Everyone loves the new logo and look of the website. We’ve had more people sign up for a library card online than ever before. We’re really pleased with the final result.

Megan Hopkins, Library Director


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