Tennessee Lawn Company provides professional lawn care and landscaping services to residences and commercial businesses in Johnson City.

Will Edwards, the owner of Tennessee Lawn, had been doing landscaping since high school and decided to turn his work into a full-time business. He asked Eldie for a website to help grow his business.

The most important thing that Will wanted to communicate on the website was how professional their services are. Tennessee Lawn isn’t just a group of guys with a truck, but professional experts who work hard to give your lawn the TLC it deserves.

We used the theme of “turning your property into a work of art” in the site’s content to help convey professionalism, luxury, and care. We also chose beautiful landscaping and lawn care imagery to help clients picture what their property could look like.

We loved bringing this website to life and look forward to seeing how Tennessee Lawn continues to grow!

“Worked with these guys designing a new website for my landscaping business. Very professional, easy going. I can’t recommend the Eldie Team enough!

Will Edwards, Owner of Tennessee Lawn Company


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