SEO is an important digital marketing tool that can boost your business.

In a nutshell, SEO can boost traffic to your website which leads to more conversions and sales. Through effective SEO techniques, prospects can find your site faster and choose you over the competition.

Many people don’t realize, however, that it takes some time to see results from SEO initiatives.

Let’s dive into what impacts SEO and how long it will take for you to see an impact on your business through these digital initiatives.


What Factors Affect SEO?

There are many factors that affect SEO, such as:

Time on the Internet

If your site is new, it will take longer for SEO initiatives to take root. Your site will need some time to build up a performance and establish some authority according to Google’s standards.


Backlinks are links from one website to another web page. When your site is linked from another site, Google sees it as a thumbs up for the validity and authority of your site.

Having a good amount of backlinks can improve your ranking factor, but it does take time to build quality links.


Depending on your type of business, competition could be low or high. If you’re a local business, it will likely be easier to rank above your competitors than it will be if you are a national or global company competing with other businesses who are pursuing SEO efforts.

Technical Issues

Before growth can happen from an SEO standpoint, all technical issues on your website must be resolved. Technical issues include duplicate content, site speed, sitemaps, indexation, and more.


Content marketing plays a huge role in SEO. If you have poor quality content on your website, your site will not rank as highly. You need keyword-rich and long-form content that addresses what people are searching for.

When Will I See Results from SEO?

So, with the above factors in mind—just when exactly will you see results from SEO?

The short answer to this question is within 6-12 months.

This answer may make you want to reconsider pursuing SEO for your business, BUT don’t let it deter you. It does take time to see measured results, but they’re worth it.

Why Does It Take Time to See SEO Results?

As you can see above, many factors play into SEO results. It takes time to balance getting each aspect right. A solid SEO strategy will go far, but time is needed to implement, track the results, and measure their impact. Google also pushes new algorithms or suggests new practices that can affect SEO as well.

At Eldie, we spend the first month of SEO for a new client in what we call the foundation phase. We set up data tracking systems, analyze site speed, review site content, perform keyword research, and more. This foundation phase is extremely important to make sure your site is set up for success in SEO.

In the second month, we spend time working on the technical side of SEO to improve your site’s health and pass many of Google’s SEO checks. We also spend time formulating a strategy for the next few months that will increase your website’s traffic and improve your site on Google’s rankings.

After the first two months, we pursue a variety of technical and content related initiatives that will help boost your SEO.

We stay up-to-date on Google’s recommendations and pay close attention to your site’s metrics, but it does take time to see measurable results on your business.

With patience, however, SEO is totally worth the investment.

Is SEO Worth It?

Because you don’t see immediate results from SEO, you may be wondering if it’s worth the time and financial investment.

The answer is yes. In an ever increasing digital world, businesses must do all they can to stand out from the competition.

Search engines aren’t going anywhere. People rely on Google to find products or services such as a plumber near them, the best local coffee shop, or affordable building materials. With SEO, you can be the answer they’re looking for—no matter what type of business you have.

Organic searches get over 20x more clicks than paid ads. With SEO, you can increase traffic to your site without having to pay for clicks.*
* side note: chat with us today about combining SEO and PPC initiatives to help you get leads today AND build a solid foundation for receiving them tomorrow!

How Much Does SEO Cost?

At Eldie, we offer professional yet affordable SEO services that drive results.

We provide three tiers of SEO services. Choose the tier that works best for your needs and your budget:

Tier 1: Reporting
Starting at $49/Month
Great for Building SEO Knowledge

You receive a monthly report detailing the status of your website from an SEO perspective. The report outlines backlinks, keyword position, and much more to give you a clear picture on where you rank from month to month.

Tier 2: Reporting + Strategy
Starting at $249/Month
Great for DIYers

You’ll get the monthly report, PLUS you’ll gain access to one of our SEO strategists. We’ll walk you through our recommendations on how to help your site rank better based on the data we see from the report. Then, you can take our recommendations and try them out yourself!

Tier 3: Complete Management
Starting at $499+/Month
Great for Busy Business Owners Eager To Grow

We completely manage all of the SEO for your website. We’ll strategize the best ways to get your site to rank better and then execute those strategies. At the end of the month, you’ll receive a detailed report on the initiatives we pursued and how they made an impact.

Get Results for Your Business Through SEO

Eldie offers SEO services that show results and help you outrank your competition. We know the ins and outs of SEO and will use our tried-and-true methods to improve your rankings.

Need a great website to send your visitors to from SEO initiatives? We can do that too. Let us create a killer web design for you and then get started on SEO.

Ready to boost your business? Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with the SEO experts to get started.