Do you need a bio for your company’s website but aren’t sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place.

Bios on your website’s About page can communicate more about your expertise and values. Many people, however, have a hard time talking about themselves.

Let’s first discuss why they’re so important and then we’ll give you our tips on writing the best bio for your website.

Why Are Company Bios Important?

Company bios give potential customers or clients a glimpse into who you are and why they should do business with your company.

Your bio gives you the opportunity to build trust and authority with your audience.

What Should Be Included In Your Bio?

Your bio should give a name and face to potential customers or clients about who will be doing work with them. This is your opportunity to show your experience and expertise in the industry, while also humanizing yourself and letting people get to know you a bit.

These are the items we generally recommend to include in your bio:

  • Your name
  • Your job title
  • How long you’ve been at the company and/or in the field
  • Your areas of expertise
  • Noteworthy achievements
  • A few fun things about you
  • What Tone of Voice Should You Use for a Bio?

    The tone of voice for your bio should match the tone across the content of your website. If your website is formal, your bio should be more formal. If your website is more casual, then your bio can be more playful.

    Take some time to review the content on your website to determine your brand’s voice and then match your bio’s content with it. Your brand’s voice may also help you determine if you need to write your bio in first person or third person.

    No matter what tone of voice you use, be sure to convey a knowledgeable and friendly demeanor to help build trust with your audience.

    How Long Should Your Bio Be?

    There is no magic word count for how long your bio should be, but brevity is key. While it’s tempting to list every job you’ve held, awards you’ve achieved, and papers you’ve published, you’ll lose your audience quickly with too many details.
    Think about what’s most relevant to your current role and what will make the biggest impression on people in the short amount of time you have their attention.

    Be sure to also break your content into sizable paragraphs for the reader’s eyes to scan through easily.

    Company Bio Example

    Need some inspiration for your bio?

    Here is my bio on the Eldie website:

    Amerrica serves as the Content & Marketing Strategist at Eldie. Her job is to help make your business stand out from the competition. Whether writing resonating content or strategizing the best way to get you to rank higher on Google, Amerrica always asks the question, “How can I help make this better?”

    Amerrica has worked in the marketing field for the past 8 years. Her areas of expertise include content writing, SEO strategy, email marketing, and PPC ads.

    When she’s not working, you can find Amerrica either in the pool, on her rebounder trampoline, or on the couch with a good book, an iced coffee, and one of her pets.
    Through this bio, I communicated my expertise in the marketing field and readiness to serve clients, while also showing off a bit of my personality outside of work.

    What will YOUR bio communicate about you?

    Need Help Writing Your Bio?

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