If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ve probably seen this article: Why SEO is Better than PPC. We do still recommend using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get your business to show up organically on Google. However, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is another great option, especially if you combine PPC with SEO strategies. Let’s dive in and talk about all the ways PPC can work for your service business.

Fast-Paced Marketing

The best thing about using PPC is how you fast you start showing up at the top of Google. You don’t have to optimize your website to try to get a better ranking, you’re already there. You can start testing right away so that you can identify what works best for your business.

If you’re ranking at the top of Google by using SEO, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the traffic will turn into actual visits to your website. For example, if your page title isn’t particularly eye-catching, someone may choose to click on a different site. That’s why testing with PPC is a good way to see what version ad you should be running. By playing around with the page titles or ad copies, you will be able to see which one works best to draw people to your website versus someone else’s.

Exponential Growth

PPC can be expensive if you’re not careful. Companies often think they can’t afford to invest in PPC or SEO. However, once you’re done testing different ads and have found the best ones for your business, PPC can easily be managed. If you start making a $50 for every $15 spent, you can scale that to be even bigger. Then, you can reinvest the profit you make on more PPC ads. This plan of action will help you manage your marketing budget and ensure you don’t spend too much on the ads.

Incorporating Both Strategies

PPC allows you to show up at the top of Google without having to do any optimization. However, as soon as you stop paying for ads, your website will no longer remain at the top. Implementing SEO strategies will allow your business to continue to rank high on Google even when you aren’t paying for your ads.

You can use the tools available to you through PPC, like testing different headings or page titles, and then use those results to optimize the site. Combining both strategies will help your website to do better long-term. While PPC generates business quickly and helps you collect data on what works best to get you more traffic, SEO can use that data to ensure your website is optimized, thus guaranteeing that this marketing strategies is successfully both short-term and long-term.