Buying a domain name is an essential part of starting your business. At Eldie Web Design and Marketing, we never want to buy a domain for our clients. Instead, we wrote this great article to help you buy a domain. However, Eldie Web Design and Marketing helps our clients by managing their domain while keeping it in their possession. Follow these steps to purchase your perfect domain.

Choose a great registrar

Registrars are the companies that you buy your domain name from. Among the most popular are Network Solutions and Go Daddy. At Eldie Web Design and Marketing, we suggest using We send all of our clients to them and that’s who we will be using today to teach you how to find and purchase a domain name.


How to buy a domain name

Step 2: Type in the domain name that you want.

In the center of the page, you’ll see the search box. Type in there the domain name that you want to see if it is available for purchase. If it is, add it to your cart. If it is not, get creative! Just because isn’t available what about or Take some time and make a good choice since this will be the domain name that you will be building an SEO score on.

Side Note

Don’t buy a TLD (Top Level Domain) that isn’t a .com for your main domain. For example, we own and, but we don’t host our website on because .com is more professional.

How do I buy a domain name for my business

Step 3: Move On To Check Out

Now that you have the domain(s) in your cart, it is time to create an account and check out. Below, I’ll break down all the options that you have at check out:

Domain Registration

Domain Registration:Choose for how many years you want to secure the domain name
ICANN fee:Check out this link for all the info: ICANN Fee Breakdown
Who Is GuardAlways get this! This protects your info on the public records.
 – PRO TIP: Be sure to turn on the Auto-Renew for both the domain and the Who Is Guard
Premium DNSYou won’t need this.
Improve Your SiteDon’t worry about anything in this section either. Just upsell whatnots. 

That’s it!

Congratulations on buying your domain name! If you have questions or need help with any step of this process, feel free to drop us an email or fill out our Contact Form.

Next Steps:

Now that you have an awesome domain name, it’s time to build a great website for it that will build a great SEO score. Check out our Web Design and Marketing Portfolio