Whether your goal is to get higher engagement rates for your email campaigns, come up with a scalable logo to represent your business, or build out a social media strategy to help get more eyeballs on your brand, investing in a digital marketing agency is a smart move. 

Partnering with the right agency should help you better understand your company’s marketing strategy, build great content, and engage with your audience at scale–things the modern business simply can’t do without.

So just how do you choose a digital marketing agency? Here are 5 tips we’ve put together to help you find the right marketing agency for your business.


1. Does the agency specialize in the service(s) you need most?


There are a lot of great agencies out there, but not all digital marketing agencies are created equal. So just how do you know whether an agency has what you need?

Most digital marketing agencies have established at least one or two clearly defined areas of expertise. These firms often specialize in social media, SEO, videography, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email campaigns, or other similar services.

When reviewing different marketing agencies, be sure to check out their website and social media channels. This can help you get an idea of the kinds of work they do. You’ll also gain a better understanding of the types of clients they like to work with. If an agency prominently features the type of work you’re looking for, add that agency to your short list.

When in doubt, consider having a conversation with someone at their firm. This will likely go a long way in helping you understand how prepared the agency might be to take your company on as a client.


2. Is the digital marketing agency local?


Hiring a local agency can be important if your content strategy demands in-person photoshoots or video shoots. It can also be helpful if you really value in-person meetings with your marketing agency. Digital marketing skills such as web design, graphic design, and SEO can usually be done remotely. However, offerings such as video production and photography must be done in person. 

If you believe your needs are more in line with that of a local agency, you’ll probably want to restrict your search to agencies in your area.


3. Is your agency representative responsive?


When you talk to your digital marketing agency representative, do you feel like a priority to them? If they take their time responding to you, this is a red flag. You should take care to assume the best about their intentions, but beware of agencies that don’t deliver clear communication.

How do you know if you’re a priority to your agency? This is important to consider up front. Once you’ve chosen the agency, you’re going to sink time, money, and effort into their work. Consequently, there are few things that will hinder you as much as working with an agency that doesn’t prioritize your thoughts and goals will hinder you.

If you’re working with an agency that doesn’t prioritize client communication, you might want to have an honest conversation with your agency representative and express your concerns to them. If that doesn’t get you anywhere, it may be time to switch to a different agency. Might I suggest Eldie Web Design and Marketing


4. Do they outsource their work?


This is one of the lesser known tips in this article. There are agencies out there who don’t have an in-house team. Instead, they farm out their work to foreign countries where they can get work done for under minimum wage. This is more likely to crop up in smaller agencies, but you may also run into this with agencies that don’t list a place of business or have office hours. Again, this can be a red flag for you as you’re searching for the best marketing firm for you.

As a caveat to this point, outsourcing work to other countries doesn’t necessarily mean the quality of the work itself will suffer. However, if you’re expecting a full team to do the work and paying accordingly, you may feel like you’re not getting what you deserve. There are risks that come with using agencies that outsource their work. Many of these risks involve your company’s assets and data.

In addition, companies that outsource their work overseas can sometimes inadvertently put your company’s information at risk and generally cause instability in the work process. If it is important to you to keep your work in-house, be sure to ask your agency representative whether they hire out their creative or production work via offshore outsourcing.


5. Would you have them over for dinner?


You’ll be interacting a lot with your agency. Chances are, if you don’t gel well with your agency representative(s), the work or your business relationship could suffer. When you’re interviewing agencies, consider asking yourself, “Would I have my agency representative over for dinner?” This isn’t about them personally so much as it is about their ability to do great work for you. If they aren’t excited about their work, do you really want to pay them to do work for your company? 

Another thing along this line to consider is whether you feel valued and respected by your agency. It sounds simple, but it’s worth mentioning because of how critical it is to getting great marketing work. This can be the difference between a great client-agency relationship that blossoms into great work over time and a disappointing, cold relationship that fizzles out over time. Results are important, but so is feeling respected and valued by your digital marketing agency. It’s 100% okay to go with your gut when you feel you should. Especially considering the importance of trust and collaboration in the creative process. 

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