To create a Facebook page for business, you must first sign into your personal account. The information from your personal account will not be visible on your business page; the two are only linked so that Facebook knows who owns the page. A Facebook page is specifically designed for business use and has many features that aren’t available from a simple profile. For example, analytics, post scheduling, advertising, and other similar tools are available with a business page. This makes it easier to showcase the products and services your business provides. You can also collect donations and create ads. Let’s jump right in so you can learn how to create a Facebook age for business.

Step 1: Start Creating

After logging into your personal Facebook profile, go to Once you’re there, enter the name of your page. You want to use your business name, or the name people will most likely search for when looking for your business.

For category, type a couple of words that describe your business and Facebook will suggest some options for you to choose from. If your business falls into one of the options given, choose the main one that your customers will most likely think of when thinking of your business. You can add up to three categories to help describe your business.

For the description, write a quick summary of what your business does. This can only be 225 characters, so you want to discuss the services you provide and the purpose of your page. You can add a longer description somewhere else later. The description is not required, but since it is for a business, we highly recommend it.

Pro Tip: If you’re having a hard time coming up with something, go to your about page and copy something from there.

Once you have filled in those three boxes, the create page button at the bottom of the page will turn blue. Click that button to continue creating your page.

Step 2: Add Images

Now, you are ready to add your images. You can add a profile photo and a cover photo. For the profile photo, you want to use your businesses logo, or an image that helps people recognize your business.If you would like a custom logo, you can visit our Logo Design Page. With the cover photo, you can be more creative; use an image that represents what this page is about. Neither photos are required, but just like with the description, they are highly recommended to help identify your business.

After adding your photos, click the blue save button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Continue Editing

To continue editing your page, click edit page info on the bottom of the left side menu.

Here, you can add a username. Adding a username will help make it easier for people to find your page, and you can use it to create custom URLs. You can also edit the name, description, and categories.

If you scroll down on the same page, you will see contact information. If you have a phone number, website, or email, you will want to add them here. However, if you do not have any of these, you can check the box saying that you do not have one.

By scrolling again, you will see the location information. Here, you will want to add a street address if you have one, as well as the areas that you provide service to. You can hide your address from being visible on the page by checking the box that says to hide it.
If you scroll down even further, you will see the hours information. You want to add your business hours here so people can see when you are open.
You can then scroll to the bottom of the page to finish editing the more section. Here you can edit the impressum, products, and privacy policy.

Step 4: Create Your First Post

Before inviting anyone to like your page, you should start creating quality content on your page. Make sure what you post offers value for your visitors when they come to your page. You will hit the create post button on the right side of the page.

Step 5: Start Inviting an Audience

Now, you’re ready to start inviting your friends to like your page. You will see suggested friends to invite, but you will want to see all friends so you can invite everyone, or decide who you would like to invite.

Congratulations! You now know how to create a Facebook page for business. There are many more things you can do to continue to promote and grow your page to reach an even bigger audience. You can also go back at any time and edit anything you created on your page initially.