Oftentimes, business owners think about getting 5-star reviews; however, this article talks about how to give a 5-star review. We have another article if you want to learn How to Get More Google Reviews. This article doesn’t just tell you how to give a review in a technical way, but it also focuses on what to actually judge a business by in your review.

It’s a good idea to create a checklist in your head of what you review a business on. Here are five aspects that you should add to your checklist:

Quality of Work

How satisfied were you with the work that was done? Were your expectations met? Were they exceeded? 

Think about how you felt the first time you saw the project completed. Did you feel the quality of work done was worth the amount of money you spent?

How Quickly the Work Was Completed

Was the discussed deadline met? Was the work completed well before the deadline? 

Timeliness is very important in a company’s timeline and others that read online reviews will want to know how punctual a person/company is before working with them.

How Well the Business Communicated With You

Did they provide good customer service? Did the business talk with you about ideas and target dates? Did they answer all of your questions? Did they keep you up-to-date on the status of your project? 

Communication can be the deciding factor of how successful a project is. If they were in contact with you throughout the entirety of the job, that’s something to note in your review.

What Value the Company Added to Your Business

Did their work benefit your company? Did they add value to your business? Or would you have been better off having not worked with them at all? 

If it didn’t make much of a difference whether you worked with them or not, you can give some constructive feedback while still leaving a good review.

Overall Experience

Overall, how was the work they did? Would you recommend them to someone else? When you think about your experience with that company, what kind of emotions do you feel? 

Think back to how you felt when you first decided to work with this person/company. Reflect on your first meeting about your project. Think about the timeline that your project was completed. Consider what you felt when the project was over. Combine all of those thoughts and talk about your customer experience as a whole.

Things to Keep in Mind

This article mostly focused on leaving a customer review on Google, but the same thought process applied no matter what platform you leave a review on. Some reviews may even ask you specific questions instead of just an overall rating, and in that case, you should still keep the checklist in mind.

Businesses really depend on customers to leave 5-star reviews. This can boost their online reputation. If you go through your mental checklist and you decide that everything was great, but then you give a business 4 stars instead of 5, you could be hurting them. Think about if you had a business; how would it feel if someone gave you 5 stars in every category but then only 4 stars overall? 

Be thoughtful when writing your review and express what you were most excited about. Share something personal! Potential customers reading your review of a business are going to be more persuaded to go with that company if your review is personal and captivating. Write about numerous aspects of the business to give people a good sense of the type of work they perform.


Examples of 5-Star Reviews From Customers of Eldie Inc.

“Reached out to Eldie for a website design. They were quick to respond and concerned with meeting my needs. They communicated with me about my site and understood what I needed to make it stand out. Would definitely recommend their services.” 

-Deena Stewart, Absolute Granite


“The Eldie Design team goes far beyond our scope of service to build, edit, and host the website for Biblical Wealth Solutions. Beyond making the site look good, Eldie Design understands SEO and many behind the scene tactics to enhance performance far beyond what a DIYer is going to know. I highly recommend working with them.”

-Jared Williams, Biblical Wealth Solutions


“Best decision I’ve made in recent years! They did a fantastic job on my company website. We get compliments all the time on how it is so easy to navigate and looks so professional. Justin is truly talented. I’m so glad we found Eldie after searching for a web designer that could achieve our goals while not costing a fortune. Their hosting options are great as well. Highly recommend!”

-Daniel Lineberger, Unique Kar Kare


Ready to Leave Your First 5-Star Review?

Leaving a positive review is really easy! You can give Eldie Inc. a 5-star Google review by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to Google.com. If you do not have an existing Google account, you will need to create one.
  2. Go to our listing on Google Maps: Eldie Web Design and Marketing.
  3. On the left sidebar, scroll down until you see the button that reads, “Write a review”.
  4. Click the star on the far right and describe your experience with us!