When writing content for a church website, there are a few key things you want to include. Here are all the must-haves for a church website to help manage the expectations of potential members.

Make a Good First Impression

First and foremost, when people visit your church’s website, you want to make a good first impression. This is going to be the hero section; in this section, you want to include your church’s mission statement, a way to watch live/past sermons, or a short “I’m new here” video for visitors to watch. You could also have an announcement card/newsletter that pops up when you first visit the website.

Get People Involved

In the next section, you can include ways to get plugged in to the church. Ensure that guests know what to expect for Sunday mornings and list all other ministries that people can join. Cover all age groups and include details about childcare, as well as when and where these ministries meet. If there are any upcoming events, be sure to include these here also since those are a great way for first-time visitors to get introduced to the church.

Tell More About the Church

In this section, you want to tell web visitors more information about your church. You could include a welcome video or the church’s mission statement as well as the church’s beliefs. Be sure to include what most people are going to ask when they are considering a new church. For example, you could define what your church believes about missions, baptism, the Lord’s supper, salvation, etc.

Provide Ways to Give

In this section, you can provide details about how to give online or in person. This is a great place to add a plugin where people can give online, whether it’s for weekly tithing, missions, or other church projects/ministries. You could do a service where they could give one time or set up a recurring tithe that could be taken out every week, every two weeks, every month, etc.

Show Where They Can Find You

The next things you will want to include are a way for people to contact you/visit your church. If your church has multiple campuses, be sure to include the address for each one so that they can find the campus closest to them. This could be included in the footer or have its own page depending on how many campuses your church has. You could insert a connection card for anyone that has a prayer request or any questions they’d like to ask the pastor.