Getting clicks to your website is great, but we want to make sure those clicks turn into paying customers.

Let’s talk about 7 ways that you can convert web visitors into new customers!



1. Let potential customers sign up for emails.

This is a marketing strategy where you send emails over time in hopes that repeated exposure will generate business. Staying on their mind is key with this strategy; you want to keep reminding them that you’re there and you want their business. This is called a drip campaign and this marketing strategy is very dynamic and easily personalized based on customer response.


2. Ensure your site is mobile friendly.

So many people are using their phones to do their research now, so you want to make sure your website looks good on mobile and loads quickly. This is an important factor with Google’s analytics as well; the faster your site loads, the higher you will rank with Google. 

Images can make or break how mobile friendly your website is, so be sure to optimize your images so they will work on desktop or mobile versions.  For more SEO strategies, check out our SEO Services.


3. Provide easy navigation.

Web visitors need to be able to move around and find exactly what they’re looking for with ease. You can create a sitemap to help users know all of the pages that are available on the website. A sitemap can also factor into SEO, so you’ll also be boosting your ranking! Be sure to include valuable landing pages with what you are offering as well as a way to purchase it.


4. Lay out valuable content.

You want the content on your website to be relatable and helpful for anyone visiting your website. What can your business do for them? That is the question you need to answer for potential customers. 

Having valuable content is extremely important, but so is having a lot of content. The more content, the better; just make sure it is all beneficial to your site or your SEO ranking could go down.


5. Display testimonials.

Reviews are such an important factor when thinking about purchasing a product or service. You want to ensure you are getting great reviews from existing customers, and then you want to showcase those reviews on your website.

Take a look at this article on How to Get More Google Reviews if you’re not seeing the feedback you’re wanting. Having a lot of reviews on Google is going to attract more people to your website, which will then give rise to lead conversion.


6. Make sure your site has a security seal.

This is very important. You want to show your customers that your payment process is secure. You can get a security deal from your SSL company and then customers will be able to see the little lock on the left end of the URL bar.

A website that doesn’t include this security feature will have a lower conversion rate than websites that do.


7. Offer ways to contact you.

You want to include some form of contact information on every page of your website. You can provide a phone number, email address, contact form, live chat, or a call to action (CTA) button.

Regardless of which contact method you prefer, be sure to include it multiple times so that web visitors can get in touch with you to become customers. You can also include links to your social media accounts; this can get users more connected and draw in more website traffic.



Ready to Move Customers Through Your Sales Funnel?

This short list of ways to convert website visitors into leads can be a lot to do by yourself. Here at Eldie Inc., we are experienced in every aspect of website design from content creation to graphic design. If you want to get started on your next project, schedule a free discovery call with us today. We would love to talk with you!