What Is SEO Ready?

When we build our websites, we like to make them SEO ready from the start. Google has rules that you want your website to follow to help you rank higher. Some of the rules we follow include only using one Header 1 tag per page, adding alt text to images, focusing on content length, and a few more. Even though we aren’t optimizing for specific keywords when we build a website, we are still sending you out of the gate on the best foot possible.

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Why We Build Our Websites This Way

We build our websites SEO ready from the very beginning because we like doing it right the first time. Some competitors may not do this, so you should always ask when getting a website built. You may be surprised by how many people will be confused by this question. This isn’t something every website company does for free; however, we do have Asheville SEO services that you can purchase, and these services provide much more than what comes with a basic website. You can pay all kinds of SEO experts to help you rank high, but you won’t always get the free SEO services that we provide with all of our website designs.


SEO Ready vs. SEO Jumpstart

As previously stated, a SEO Ready website means your website comes equipped with tactics that will help your website show up on Google. These built-in boosters will not get you ranking #1 on Google on their own. They are simply put in place to help follow Google’s rules to make it like your website more. SEO Jumpstart, on the other hand, uses even more SEO strategies so that you will show up higher on Google. It does, however, cost money. There is a one-time fee of $1,000 with us. This fee covers the gathering of new leads and generating real profit. We focus on keyword research, renaming page URL’s, installing Google analytics, and much more. For a full list of our Jumpstart SEO Services, click here. Our package is a strong introduction to the world of Search Engine Optimization. You can see more about what it means to have a high ranking on Google by visiting our blog.

If you’re ready to have a SEO ready website built for you, contact us today!