Template vs. Custom Websites: Which is Better for Your Business?


So, you’ve made the decision to get a new website for your business. Congratulations! Now the next step is deciding whether you want a template or a custom site.

Let us break down the differences in the two types of websites so that you can make the best decision for your business needs.

Template Sites


What Are Template Websites?

A template website is a pre-designed layout that you can customize and make your own.

Think of it like building a home from a floor plan. You review a variety of floor plans and pick the one that you like best and that suits your needs. Then, you build the home and customize it with paint, decor, and furniture.

A template site is the same process—once you choose a template that works for your business, you make your site stand out with impressive visuals, professional content, and great calls to action.

Here are a few examples of template sites:

How Much Does a Template Site Cost?

If your business has a tight budget but you still want a killer website that will impress customers, a template site might be best for you. We offer template sites starting at $1,499.

Our template sites include professional content writing, website development, photo sourcing, mobile responsive design, contact form, and much more.



How to Choose a Template Site

The process of choosing a template site can feel a bit overwhelming since there are so many options to choose from. Don’t worry, though! Our team is here to help.

As part of the onboarding process, we do a one-hour brainstorm session to review template options. Together we’ll narrow down which one would work best for your type of business.

When reviewing template sites, think through how the layout and the sections of the site could work for your business.

Don’t get hung up on the colors, photos, or the type of industry on the template. Think about how each of the sections could relay your brand messaging to your audience.

Once your brand colors, fonts, images, and messaging are added in, you’ll have a “house” of your own.


An Example of a Template Website

One of our recent clients, Hometown Plumbing, chose this template for their plumbing company.

With a few slight modifications, we were able to give them a great template site that displayed all of their plumbing services prominently and made sure that website visitors could quickly see Hometown’s testimonials.

Custom Sites


What Are Custom Websites?

Custom websites are much like building a house completely from scratch—you get to pick the type of foundation and customize it to suit your specific wants and needs.

If your business sells specialized products or needs several custom integrations, you likely need a custom website.


How Much Does a Custom Website Cost?

Our custom websites start at $6,999. We’ll discuss your specific needs for your website to determine a final price.

The pricing of your custom site includes professional content writing, personalized web development, complete customization, mobile optimization, a two-hour “how to” usage tutorial, and much more.


How Does the Custom Website Process Work?

Our team will work with you to determine the exact needs you have for your website.

Once we have a clear understanding of the elements that must be included, we will do a one-hour brainstorm to discuss the content and branding elements. We’ll make sure to nail down how you want to communicate your brand to potential customers.

Then, our expert team will write lead-generating content and will design and develop the site to include all the elements to make your business effective in a digital space.


An Example of a Custom Website

The creative team at Eldie built a custom website for Brightly, which provides time-saving ministry resources for pastors.

The site has a clean and bright design that visually appeals to website visitors.

Additionally, our team built a place where visitors can view the resources that Brightly provides, while having the ability to add them to their cart and purchase them.

The site also has a login portal where people can access the materials they purchase.

Template Or Custom Site: Which One Will You Choose?

Now that you know the basics of custom versus template websites, which one will you choose for your business?

No matter which option you choose, you’ll have a fantastic team who will make your brand shine online


Make a Great First Impression with Your Website

Let the creative web experts at Eldie give your website a facelift! We will create a great web design (template OR custom!) that will make a great impression on your potential customers.

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