What is a 404 Page?

You know the page: you click on a link, but instead of getting the page you wanted, you get an error message. We’ve all encountered it. A 404 page shows up when someone clicks on a broken link, a page that is no longer there, or if they have misspelled something in the URL. The name “404 page” comes from the error message that the server shows when you land on a broken link. If you’ve ever seen the below error message then you’ve seen a 404 error page.

“404 page not found”

However, having a custom 404 page can turn frustrated users into loyal customers.

Why do you need a Custom 404 Page?

The main purpose of a 404 page is to turn potential negative user experience into a positive one. You can do this by providing a relative link for the lost user to click on. If the user got there on accident, they are now directed to your page. That could be a potential customer that maybe would have never even been searching for your page. If the user was trying to reach your page, you are helping them get back on the right track instead of letting them leave frustrated that they hit an error page.

How Can You Get One?

If you need a custom 404 page, you can get can a plugin from WordPress. They have free plugins or ones that you can purchase, but you may not want to spend a lot on a 404 page. Here is a free WordPress plugin that is up to date and used by over 100,000 people.

We also provide custom 404 pages when you purchase our Small Business or Ecommerce package. You can find our Nashville web design services and pricing here.

Below are some examples of 404 pages that we have done.


Error 404
404 Page

A 404 Page doesn’t just have to be for redirecting traffic, you can provide some fun for your users as well. CarWow has an interactive game for lost users to play. Check it out!