What is a One Page Website?

A one-page website is a website that literally only has one HTML page. There are no additional pages like About, Services, or Blog. The content is usually in a long-scrolling layout, possibly with multiple sections. Most websites like this will have you scroll down the page to find what you’re looking for. Another option may be to click navigation links that will take you to a particular spot on the page.


Why Would You Want a One Page Website?

If you don’t have a large budget, starting with just one page and building out is a great way to get started. Single-page websites may be good if you are creating a landing page or a temporary site for an event. Google likes websites that have multiple pages so it can crawl more content for SEO rankings. One-pagers are more ideal for sites that are not concerned with SEO.

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Why You Shouldn’t Build a One Page Website for Your Company or Small Business


SEO Implications

While hopping on the latest trend of having a one-page website may sound cool, there are a couple of reasons why this is a bad idea. If you want to rank high on Google, you definitely need more than just one page. Google likes websites with dedicated pages for each keyword that you want the website to rank for. Doing a one-page website doesn’t make Google very happy and we have to appease our Google Overlords. While Google has said it is becoming better at understanding JavaScript and jQuery, it is still not good enough to rank higher than a multi-page website. SEO is extremely important, and your website probably needs it to survive. With that being said, if SEO is important to you, then you want to forget doing a one-pager.

Confusing Visitors

Another reason you may want to consider a multi-page site, is because one-pagers can confuse users. Most website visitors are multi-tasking, so if they have to “figure out” how to use your website, then they probably won’t. Scrolling down for a long time to find the one thing they are looking for is not going to be appealing for anyone. Users come to a site searching for a specific thing, and the longer it takes, and the harder it is, the less likely it is they will stay long enough to find what they came looking for. Most websites have multiple pages designed around a user’s needs. You want your visitors to pick where they go based on their needs and then present them with information based solely around that specific need. This is easily done with a multiple-page website, but it is very difficult to accomplish with a one-page site.

Before designing or redesigning your website, you may want to take a step back and look at what you really want your page to be like. Look past the latest trends and focus on what really matters to you and what you want to offer to your website visitors. If you decide you want a multi-page website, you can check out our web design pricing. While you’re there, we can also help you with your SEO rankings.